Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Engagement Photos!

Ingrid Wahjudi, our wedding photographer, finally delivered our much-awaited engagement photos today. Here is one of them.

Camping at Yucaipa

Due to wedding planning, blogging has been limited. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy the pictures from our recent excursion to Yucaipa Regional Park.

Just the girls

Ken and his girlfriend, Miso

Me and my honey

Desserts, please! Carob s'mores -- Paul's favorite!

The angelic Eli with his camera and flashlight creating some amazing special effects

Paul, keeping it simple

Reflecting on God's Word during our Sabbath morning devotion

Uncle Freddie

The family

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Make-Up Fiasco

Yesterday Paul and I took our engagement photos. I had made an appointment with a Korean salon in Riverside to do a trial run for my wedding hair and make-up. However, when they were through with me the result I saw in the mirror was terrifying. They had promised me a “natural” look; in fact, “earth tones” were their exact words. However, the dark shade of brown over my eyelids as well as the black smudges underneath my eyes were far from my natural look. It made me look absolutely scary. The inch-long fake eyelashes and glistening lipstick were an added effect to the whole picture. I did everything I could to keep myself from bursting into tears. The cosmetologists ooh’ed and aah’ed so much at their perfect work of art that I did not have the courage to tell them exactly what I thought. All I managed to squeak out was, “Isn’t the eyeliner a bit dark?”

They promptly responded, “Oh, although it may seem somewhat dark when you look closely at it, it’s perfect for pictures! Doesn’t it look fabulous?”

I hurriedly paid my fees and rushed out. When I arrived home I took some digital photos of my face in order to document this horrible experience I had before proceeding to erase all the evidence of the grossly overdone make-up. By the time we were supposed to meet our photographer for the photo shoot, most of the evidence had been destroyed. What a fiasco!